Owen Thomas Weddings - Photo & Video

Your Wedding Film

One promise we always make, is that when we film your wedding we don’t have strict time limits, we’re yours for whatever times we decide on in advance.

  • We work as a team, I’m lucky enough to be able to work with my closest friend on our wedding videos and it really helps having that understanding. Two people means more cameras, more angles, and more creativity; we’re often recording sound and bring a lot more equipment. If you think that you might not need both of us then don’t worry, shooting solo is a skill we possess! Drop me a message on the contact page and lets talk about what you want.

  • You decide what you videos you need, from a highlight video with just the best bits to a half hour feature film of wedding goodness, and all with full videos of the ceremony and speeches.

  • Unlimited pre-wedding consultations, anything that helps us give you the best possible video is worth a conversation. If there’s a guest you’d like to take a starring role we’d love to know about it in advance. If we’re nice and local to each other then the three of us can go grab a coffee, or we can talk over Skype if it’s easier.

  • Travel to the wedding, you guys always have wonderful ideas about where you want to go, and most of the time I will get there on my own steam. Sometimes though you need us further afield and I might need to add a little extra, but that’s a conversation we will have very early on.

  • These films are about you, you talk to us about the sort of films you want and we will create them. So if you want a full length wedding odyssey, or just a minute of fun to look back on and soak up the atmosphere, anything is possible.


Our Packages

These are our main options, but if you would like something entirely different then get in touch!

£1000 - The Highlights

  • A simple 3-5 minute highlight film with all the best bits of your wedding

  • Full videos of both your ceremony and speeches.

£1250 - Your Short Film

  • An extended 7-10 minute highlight film

  • A small teaser video, just a minute long, in case you want to share a little snippet online

  • Full videos of your ceremony and speeches

£1500 - The Feature Edit

  • A 3-5 minute highlight film, as well as a teaser video

  • A 30 minute feature film, coverage of the whole day with highlights of your ceremony and speeches running through the video.

  • Full videos of the ceremony and speeches



  • Aerial Coverage - for that extra impact that comes with a different perspective.

    • £300

  • All Raw Footage - in case you need to see absolutely everything.

    • £450

  • More cameras! - extra filmmakers can be arranged if you think you need to get every last moment.

    • £250

  • Photo & Video Combined - if you like everything we do then don’t hesitate to ask and we will make sure you’re whole day is covered, with one point of contact and a single creative eye putting everything together.

  • Accommodation - sometimes the combination of where you’re getting married and when you’d like me to start means it’s best if I stay somewhere local the night before. I normally use Airbnb as it's cheaper than hotels, but we will decide all of this in advance and receipts will be provided.


How do we book?

First thing to do is send me a message on my contact page, or give me a ring, and we can arrange a proper conversation. If you live a long distance away then Skype or Facetime are beautiful things.

Once you’re happy then we can arrange the paperwork and start looking forward to the day

We’re getting married abroad!

We would love the privilege of joining you for your destination wedding, despite being a lover of shade vs sun a wedding abroad is a delight to get invited to! Get in touch to let me know where you’re thinking of getting hitched.

Will you re-edit the wedding if i ask?

As part of the process of picking us, and us getting to know each other, then you should be comfortable that our editing style is a big part of why you’ve chosen us to come along. So completely re-editing the videos is something that would come with an additional cost, to be agreed on depending on what you wanted.

If disaster strikes and we can’t get there, then remember that I have a huge network of professionals to call upon last minute to cover your day for you. I will arrange the payment and make sure they have all the information we’ve already discussed.

What happens if you can’t make it?

I need some reliable contacts so I don’t bother you with details, questions or any other help, we will chat about this when we fill out all your wedding details and everything gets revisited a couple of weeks before the day.

What is important is some food for me and anyone working with us, and we don’t need Michelin starred treatment! Something warm and Tupperware free will make a big difference during a long day of running around.

What do you need on the day?