Owen Thomas Weddings - Photo & Video

Your Wedding Day

To start with I don’t do time limits, unlike most photographers I will be there all day, you tell me what you want covered and we’ll get it covered.

Always included –

  • All edited photos with unlimited rights, they’re your photos to do what you like with! Everything gets to you within 8 weeks.

  • An online gallery for sharing, downloading, printing. You can create your own favourites lists of the best photos for your album, put the shots straight on Instagram, or just dive in look at the moments you might have missed.

  • A minimum of 350 photos, every wedding is different of course, and often the final number is a lot higher.

  • Unlimited chats before the wedding, you can tell me what photos you hate, if you’ve got a good side, and what your future mother expects from me. I like to have at least one face to face meeting or a Skype call so we can start to get to know each other. And then you can call me or email whenever you like and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Group shots! These are the photos that make your mum happy, and the stuff your gran puts on the wall. I always recommend keeping this to around 8 as it takes a while to round up unruly guests, and your face will ache by the time you’ve smiled at me for 45 minutes straight.

Standard Package - £1000

And because every now and then you need a little something else, scroll down to see my added extras.



  • A second photographer - these aren’t right for everyone, but if you’ve got a tonne of friends of family coming, you want photos of both of you getting ready in the morning, or you just love as many angles as possible… then a second one of me is pretty useful. I know plenty of amazing photographers that can come and make the most of the day.

    • Starts at £300

  • Photo albums and printing - when we meet we can discuss options that fit your budget, I don’t have a preferred company or any arrangement like that, I will talk you through everything that’s out there and you can decide what works for your wallet. Either you can select the photos or let me put together a selection for you, and I will create a layout and cover design just for you.

    • Design starts at £250, plus the cost of your chosen book

  • Travel - you guys always have wonderful ideas about where you want to go, and most of the time I will get there on my own steam. Sometimes, though, you need me further afield; we'll have that conversation up front and agree any additional costs in advance.

  • Accommodation - Sometimes the combination of where you’re getting married and when you’d like me to start means it’s best if I stay somewhere local the night before. I normally use Airbnb as it's cheaper than hotels, but we will decide all of this in advance and receipts will be provided.

  • Photo & Video Combined - if you like everything we do then don’t hesitate to ask and we will make sure you’re whole day is covered, with one point of contact and a single creative eye putting everything together.

Mrs Williams.jpg



Pre-wedding shoots are great, they give us some time to get to know each other, meet up and have a coffee and go for a wander. I get to really feel how you work as a couple as well, its a fantastic ice breaker before the wedding day. A bride once said to me that following our pre-wedding shoot she now had the confidence that was going to look great in the final album, she just stopped worrying.

I normally work on the basis of keeping these nice and simple, we can just relax and get on with the photos, but if you have a concept you want to run with then great! I’d love to hear about it!

And as well as the pre-wedding shoot being good for us to get going, you can use the photos for your invites, save the days, signing books and anything else that takes your fancy.

Starts at £250

Depending on where you you want me, and what you’d like to do, then there may be an extra cost and we can figure that out long before the shoot.


How do we book?

First thing to do is send me a message on my contact page, or give me a ring, and we can arrange a proper conversation. If you live a long distance away then Skype or Facetime are beautiful things.

Once you’re happy then we can arrange the paperwork and start looking forward to the day

We’re getting married abroad!

I would love the privilege of joining you for your destination wedding, despite being a lover of shade vs sun a wedding abroad is a delight to get invited to! Get in touch to let me know where you’re thinking of getting hitched.

Will you re-edit the wedding if i ask?

As part of the process of picking me, and us getting to know each other, then you should be comfortable that my editing style is a big part of why you’ve chosen me. So re-editing large parts of the day is something that would only come with an additional cost, to be agreed on depending on what you wanted.

Of course if I’ve handed over some black and whites that you’d like in colour & vice versa, or I’ve missed a bit of dirt on granddad’s suit, then let me know and we can get that sorted.

If disaster strikes, and I can’t get there, then remember that I have a huge network of professionals to call upon last minute to cover your day for you. I will arrange the payment and make sure they have all the information they need, and everything we’ve discussed about the plans you’ve made.

What happens if you can’t make it?

I need some reliable contacts so I don’t bother you with details, questions or any other help, we will chat about this when we fill out all your wedding details and everything gets revisited a couple of weeks before the day.

What is important is some food for me and any second photographer working with us, and we don’t need Michelin starred treatment! Something warm and tupperware free will make a big difference during a long day of running around.

What do you need on the day?